This first one I made for my boyfriend as he was born a leo.

I love reading horoscopes but whether the time of your birth can actually have an impact on your personality and traits, who knows?

For those who too like reading horoscopes, an interesting book to invest in is “The Secret Language of Birthdays” by Gary Goldschneider.

It gives a horoscope for everyday of the year in great detail and mine is scarily accurate!

I owe credit to the artist that created the original colorful lion painting and unfortunately I can not find his name.


So here’s my idea…

I want to travel.

Go to each of the corners of the world.

I want to experience different cultures and meet their people.

Listen to their stories and make new ones with them.

I want to create art everywhere I go,

and share my art and experience with anyone that’s interested.

That’s what Artventure is.

This is the start of my adventure.